What can I expect?

On joining you'll get a 'Business Visibility Health Check' to make sure that we can promote you:


If you are shy about setting up your business FB page, Linkedin profile & Twitter Page we will make sure that you are up and running (included in membership!)

The Single Mums Business Network is more of a 'Network' than 'Networking'. Whilst I will arrange some meetings throughout the UK and some special events I would encourage you to join a local networking group, as regular meetings with men and women in business is really healthy for you.

The Single Mums Business Network will help you gain EXPOSURE whilst raising awareness and tackling social issues and stigma that could hinder your progress, both professionally and personally.

SMBN Annual Conference - Wednesday 11th September 2019

secret facebook page, this ensures complete privacy and posts and comments from SMBN members only

SMBN Member Staycation 2020 - coming soon!

We will # and @ your business on our public social media platforms

We will continue to raise awareness of the SMBN and its members to help you succeed on your quest for financial independence as a single mum in the UK - You will benefit from marketing to the approx value of £10K, for £60 per annum! This is money that the SMBN spends on raising awareness of it's members, making your membership fee go further than it possibly could alone.

How do I join?

SMBN Annual Membership is £60

Click here to pay in full now

via KIH Products Shop

Membership renewal is July 2020, so join now and gain some extra free time!

If budget is still tight you can pay this via Direct Debit

Choose either:

6 months x £10 or

12 weeks x £5

(Click the above links to set-up DD)

Once you have paid we will process your order and email you to ask for a photo for your member badge, a short description, and an accompanying blog if you want a longer intro. We will ask you for your web and social media links to share along with all subsequent PR.

Please commit to join the network by making a payment above, and the rest will follow. We look forward to welcoming you to the Single Mums Business Network.

We will help you gain exposure, whilst tacckling social stigma and misconceptions head on. You are a hard-working woman and a great mother and you can hold your head up high.

We are fully committed to continual sourcing of advice and information that will be very useful and have a positive impact on your future

If you are in MLM please read this blog to be clear about rules before you join